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September 6, 2011 / 36 notes

I knew Sarah Huffman, Abby Wambach and Ashlyn Harris were on a road trip but i did NOT know their first stop is my home in New Orleans!!!

i got home at 10:30 and some anon told me they were on Bourbon. I went on ashylns TOUT and there was a video of them dancing in the street! within 15 minutes i was down there.

I walk one block down Bourbon and out pops Sarah Huffman from a bar right infront of me. I wasnt 100% sure it was her cuz she was without the other two so naturally we stalked and followed her into a daq shop where i heard her ask her friend “where Ashlyn and Abby were” so i jumped in. “omg are you Sarah Huffman??!!” her: “yes i am, WOW you recognize me! im shocked! usually people go after abby!” naturally i was going after abby and ashlyn but they were 2 blocks down, but i told her i loved her the most lol. we had a nice convo and a picture! they said

"dont expect much from Ashlyn and Abby, theyre both completely trashed but theyre on their way from 2 blocks down" so we waited outside the daq stop with huffy for them. but ALL OF A SUDDEN i turn my nack and we see sarah booking it down the street. we tried to follow but we lost them. we spent the next 2 hours searching.

I think they just didnt want pictures of them two drunk all over the internet. oh well still got to hug (3 times) Sarah and talk to her!!! ahhhhhh soooo completely fan girled out!!!!! cant believe it. hopefully they stay one more night and we’ll have another go tomorrow :)

oh and the funny thing is its southern decadence today (southern pride fest) they were having a blast ;)

and BTW to whom ever that ANON message was from i owe it all to you!!!! i wouldnt have known till tomorrow morning when i checked twitter/TOUT that they were here. so thank you anon :)

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